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About Callahan Bail Bonds Agency

Callahan Bail Bonds, Located Across From The Bergen County CourthouseCallahan Bail Bond Agency maintains a full administrative staff to support our bail agents and you, our clients. We are a surety bail bond agency serving northern and central New Jersey through our Hackensack, New Jersey headquarters. Additionally, we serve southern New Jersey and all states through our affiliation of trusted bail agents and surety underwriters.

Callahan Bail Bond Agency business owners answer all inquiries during evenings, weekends and legal holidays.

A leader in the bail bond community, we are frequently sought after for direction and guidance by competing bail agencies as well as court clerks, state bail administrators, judicial support personnel, lawyers and a Mom and Dad or two.

Never having been disciplined, fined, suspended or terminated from writing bail bonds, we conduct meetings with the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, Administrative Office of The Courts in addition to legislative representatives to work toward improving bail laws and the bail profession as a whole.

Our Mission Statement

For close to 50 years our family business has protected bail sponsors and defendants as bail consumers. Answering criminal charges under complex or insensitive law enforcement and Court systems can be intimidating. As unique as the person arrested, are the circumstances for their dilemma and the possible results of the case and its bail. Equally unique, is the Callahan business practice and promise of complete service and guidance while moving the accused from arrest through adjudication. You, the bail sponsor are our client receiving protection from a defendant’s or Court’s wrongful act.

We pledge to both the defendant and bail sponsor prompt, professional and confidential assistance and guarantee to maintain non-invasive communication in a respectful and encouraging manner. We focus to ensure the orderly process of trial and proper administration of justice as we coordinate court dates, postponements, bail reinstatements, outreach programs and information with clients, defendants and Court support personnel. We do not demand defendant’s weekly appearance; we encourage defendant’s unfettered ability to reside where they choose, seek or maintain employment and obtain appropriate family support during the term of the bail bond and its case.


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