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Frank Callahan, Managing Principal, Callahan Bail BondsFrank T. Callahan
Managing Partner

Frank T. Callahan manages the bail bond department. He finalizes all arrangements for each bail, ensures the bonds are quickly posted and monitors the case and the defendant through completion. Mr. Callahan is highly respected in the law enforcement and legal communities and no one protects the Court and the family of the accused with more diligence.

Frank says, “While we don’t want to be the largest bail bond agency, we are the best and have been posting bail bonds longer than any other New Jersey bail agency. The last thing you need in a traumatic and difficult situation is to do business with one of the TOO MANY NEW BAIL AGENTS FRESH OUT OF JAIL and working out of the trunk of their car or the steps of a county jail. At Callahan Bail Bonds, we are recommended by courts, clients, cops, and counselors-at-law each day. You’ll have the confidence of knowing we’re still here to serve you when it’s time to discharge your liability, refund any monies or release any property pledged against the bail . You’ll have the confidence of knowing that after the bail is posted, you can call or stop in our offices weeks, months, or years later to discuss any problems with some aspect of the bail, court date, or parties involved.”

“Never having been disciplined, fined, suspended or terminated from writing bail bonds, we conduct meetings with the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, Administrative Office of The Courts in addition to legislative representatives to work toward improving bail laws and the bail profession as a whole.” says Frank.

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